The Software Platform for Geovideo & Panoramic Mapping.

Bypass dependency on GIS specialists and take control of your projects.

Geovideo with maps.

OcuMap synchronizes videos with GPS data and can provide rapid access to Geovideos on a map to increase your work efficiency by 50%.

Panoramic 360 Images & 360 Videos.

Upload and view panoramic 360 images and 360 videos in .jpg or .mp4 format and see your location on the map.

Export geotagged data.

Export geotagged data in .csv format for further analysis with in any GIS software.

Take 3D measurements.

OcuMap has proprietary algorithm that enables you to take 3D measurements inside panoramic images and video.

A Few of the Industries We Serve

OcuMap can make it more efficient.

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