Fire Station As-Built for the historic building located at 6302Lyons Avenue, Houston. This as-built survey is done using 3D Laser Scanning Equipment-precise

Fire Station No. 27

Fire Station As-Built

The Society of Houston Latino Firefighters purchased the abandoned fire station, located on the corner of Lyons and Kress, from the city of Houston in an effort to restore the building and turn it into a temporary home for visiting firefighters who are undergoing treatment for cancer in the Houston Medical Center. More info here.

Reality IMT contributed to this effort by scanning the exterior facade of the building using 3D laser scanning and then generated a 3D Revit model to help the Architects redesign the space. The building was built in 1941 and the as-built drawings are either too hard to read or do not exist. To see Fire Station No. 27 in 3D, click here