TXDOT Building As-Built

TXDOT Building As-Built, Houston, TX

A 50,000 square foot building built in 1981 was recently sold and needed renovation. Reality IMT worked with a top notch architectural firm (GSC Architects) based in Austin, TX to define the as-built requirements. A special thanks to Harvey Builders for removing the ceiling tile at a record speed. The as-built drawings needed to be generated as soon as possible before the architects could do any analysis of this existing structure.

Project Information

Multi-Story Office Building located in Houston, Texas

Estimated square footage : 50,000 sqf.

Requirements for The TXDOT Building As-Built

Measure & 3d model the building’s footprint including HVAC, trusses, beams, columns, plumbing fixtures, electrical panels & outlets, and exterior elevations.

Deliverable: Autodesk, Revit

Technology Used: 3d laser scanner, Faro Scene, Dynamo BIM, AutoDesk Revit

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