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Master Lease Plan

Master Lease Plan-As-Built Survey

Getting an accurate floor plan for an existing office building that was built in the 1980s is no easy task but when the right tools are used, it can be done accurately and efficiently. Reality IMT performed a 3D laser scanning to document the existing building. It took 13 hours to complete the measurements (interior and exterior) of this 70,000 sqf. building.  This would have taken at least one week with a crew of 2-3 people taking manual measurements. In addition when scanning a building, we are able to capture every inch of it in a digital format. This is taken back to the office where any unwanted data is removed before the modeling starts.

Project Information
Existing multi-level building located in Bellaire, Texas.

Building Use: Office

Requirements For Master Lease Plan Survey

Perform an as-built measurement survey to include walls, windows, trim work, light fixtures, HVAC, plumbing fixtures, elevators, atrium, façade and parking.
Estimated Area: 70,000 sqf. +
Project Duration: 1 day in the field. 7 days in the office.
Deliverable: Floor Plan including BOMA area calculation, RCP, Building Sections, interior and exterior elevations delivered in Revit, AutoCad and PDF.
Technology Used: 360 laser scan to Ready to use BIM

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